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Post #1: 4/2/06: And so it begins…

Posted by IVB on April 14, 2006

I was keeping this stuff on a forum, then decided to jump into blogging, so i'll copy the background here.
I've done some stuff around the periphery of HA, got an irrigation controller connected to CQC [not yet controlling my actual sprinkler system, still working through some cable-creation kinks], an aprilaire HVAC [but I broke the RS232 adapter by mistake].

But today I made a HUGE step forward, thought I'd share.  BTW, this is all with my el cheapo SageTV/DVD/CQC Server that I use for the home theater thing. I can't believe my 3yr old budget Asus mobo and 512MB RAM is the engine behind my whole house. I have an AMD2500 in it, but it rarely goes above 15% CPU, usually ~5%.

I bought an Elk automation panel. Think ADT on steroids, and much cheaper to boot. [URL=http://www.interscienceintl.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=30_31_33&products_id=66]You can get the "ez" version of it for pretty cheap, $350, or even less if you're a CQC customer.[/URL] It can control security, HVAC, lighting, doorbell & telephone ring detection [and since it's integrated with the HT thing, i'm hoping to pause audio/video], a ton of other stuff.  I paid $2.50/each for window sensors, whereas ADT wanted $100/each. I'll be putting Window/smoke/motion/heat/CO/flood/…., throughout the house. I think all the sensors total will cost me <$700. Granted, a crapload of time to do the wiring, but that's the fun part.

So anyhow, i'm tired and I digress. Today I got the panel hooked into the CQC Server via RS232, mounted the keypad, the voice-box, and a remote temperature module.  I was so excited, I pulled out the architectural drawings for my house, mocked that up in photoshop, and (of course) found a piece of art for the backdrop.



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