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Post #4: And more…

Posted by IVB on April 14, 2006

Today I learned how to wire up a motion sensor (ok, not that hard, but new to me). Plus I used a CQC "Enumerated Image" widget for the first time as I was trying to find a way to have CQC automatically switch between green & red if there was motion in a room. Finally, I started putting some of Ripper's (artist & fellow CQC owner) amazing Elk graphics to use. I setup a bunch of command buttons. The screen doesn't have the full Elk keypad, I only put the #s, ready/armed/stay, as I am still learning how to use the Elk too and don't know what the other buttons do. I chopped up my house photoshop image and created custom-sized green/red zones, along with a "motion" text image that I put into another enumerated widget and stacked on top of the others. It shows nothing when normal, an image of the word "motion" when tripped. BTW, the "disarmed" & "ready to arm" are actually real values from the security keypad. It's not yet hooked up to the fire dept/etc as I don't actually have any sensors in place yet, but I figured that I'm not doing anymore "dummy" code, so what you see here is all "functional". Doesn't do much, but fxnl nonetheless.



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