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Post #5: 4/9 – The beginnings of HT/HA convergence…

Posted by IVB on April 14, 2006

So it was a very productive day. After doing pretty much nothing HA-related yesterday, I spent 3-4 hours today and completed the following (i'll spare you from the half-done stuff):

1) Irrigation: Hooked up Irrigation system to system, wrote up a CQC screen to control. I'm using the RAIN8 device, which is really just a fancy "contact closure", meaning all it does is close a circuit for a given zone which turns the water on for that zone.  All the intelligence is done on your PC.
2) Doorbell: Figured out how to get CQC to pop up a "Someone rang the doorbell" box. This is currently only within CQC; i have yet to research how to pause TheaterTek or SageTV and pop up a box. Now that I figured out how to pop this up, that's the next step.
3) Security:Mounted another motion sensor, moved the above one to the "correct" location, hid the wires so it's a professional-looking install for both.
4)Weather: The wife is always checking the weather, so I decided to add it to the wrapper. The last screenshot shows the temperature outside the front door [via the Elk and a networked thermometer], and Weather.com's forecast for my area.

Next up:
1) Phone:See if I can pause TV/DVD/lower stereo, and display caller-id on screen if the phone rings.
2) HVAC:Figure out if my HVAC RS232 adapter is really broken, or if I just screwed up another wiring run.

Here's some more screenshots:
4/23 EDIT: No idea why the screenshots aren't showing here, i'll put these links in here for now until i figure it out:




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