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Hey – I might have a cheap touchpanel after all!

Posted by IVB on April 24, 2006

Just clued in last night that my old IPAQ 3635 wifi PDA [original pocketpc version]  that I never donated/threw out could be used in concert with the CQC Webserver to be an audio/HVAC/lighting remote control for those rooms the wife won't let me buy touchpanels for (yet). I ignored all the stuff tonight I was supposed to do and started playing around. If this works out well and I can get a UI that's somewhat usable, I can go get another 1-2 of these for the $15 they cost on eBay, and have a low-cost [albeit ugly UI] mechanism for local control until the wife agrees to buy something nicer. They're pretty easy to wallmount to, I bet I could even psuedo-flushmount it.

Here's what I got so far, granted it's ugly and is only a display of information. But, now that i'm getting the basics down, i'll see how to:
1) Render images, color the text
2) Add command buttons so that CQC will do something (i.e., turn speakers on/volume up&down, in the future could be lighting).



2 Responses to “Hey – I might have a cheap touchpanel after all!”

  1. Flips said

    Great blog IVB! I’ve read a lot of your posts over in avsforum. I really like your vision, but I’m not ready to go there quite yet. I really want to get multi zone audio working, so I’m thinking of using xlobby for that. I would love to stick with Sage, but the media library support just isn’t there yet.

    Before I even get to multi zone audio, I would like to use a pocket PC or something to control xlobby so I don’t have to power up the TV, just to turn on a shoutcast station. You sound like you really like the Fujitsu 3200, but I think I would like to start with a pocket PC since it’s compact and I can move it from room to room. Your suggestion of the 3635 is interesting, I certainly like the price. Will that work with Xlobby? But the default version doesn’t have 802.11, right? So you would need a CF wireless card, which looks like it’s about $40… Will I notice a large speed or screen performance between this model and a model with built in wifi on ebay for about $100 or so?


  2. IVB said

    Are you going to use xLobby’s web server? If so, the 3635 is probably fine.

    My biggest personal issue is that it runs PocketPC 2000, which is too old to run the .NET framework, hence a richly configured CQC UI. It’s a PITA to have to create 3 sets of interfaces, one for my wifi cellphone PDA [Siemens SX66 via Cingular], another for the IPAQ via web browser, and a 3rd for the Fujitsu 3400.

    You should could find something that runs PPC2003, CE5.0, or Windows Mobile 5.0 so that it had the ability to run .NET, so you don’t eliminate any possibilities.

    The integrated wifi is nice b/c then there’s no card sticking out, but that’s a nice-to-have compared with the above.

    Can you get those for $100?

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