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Mistakes and more mistakes.

Posted by IVB on April 24, 2006

How shockingly irritating. My server has been flaky as of late, and finally died last week. As I had that lovely alternate zone machine assembled as mentioned above, I wasn't sweating it.

 I ended up spending nearly the entire weekend moving cards & HDs from one to the other, and trying to get it up & running with any hint of stability. Everytime I thought I was close, BAM, another bit randomly started failing.

In the end, what was the problem? Software versions.

In my infinite wisdom, I downloaded the latest version of SageTV & CQC for the server. But, I neglected to get the latest client versions. I was running SageTV4.1.3 on the server, and V4.0 on the clients. For CQC, I was on V1.6.15 on the server, V1.6.14 on the clients.

I had clearance from the spousal unit to run all sorts of security, sensor, and speaker wires this weekend, and wasted it all b/c I didn't take the extra 4 minutes to download ALL the right software bits.

Man I really hate this hobby sometimes. [ok, maybe that's too strong. It's just so easy to hang yourself when you DIY]


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