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Designing an mzone/msource screen

Posted by IVB on April 29, 2006

While I was running the security wire, I decided to also start running the mzone wiring in each room so that I could build out the attic storage space.

Then I realized I hadn't setup a screen to handle the mzone, so I just spent some time figuring out how to change my main wrapper template so I could also render an overlay in the middle that flowed cleanly. This isn't tested, as I haven't finished running wires or setting up the amps, but i'm sore from climbing around the attic and needed a diversion.

Here's the latest thinking. It's not easy to come up with a wrapper that'll work on all the other screens as well as flow cleanly into this one. I still need to decide what else to put on the top wrapper

You'll notice there's only 5 zones here. The 6th zone is the patio, and I figure i can put that in it's own screen easily enough.



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