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The cost of it all

Posted by IVB on April 30, 2006

In the middle of spending all day running sensor wire, I thought i'd create a running list of what i've bought.  Here's what I got so far. Ballpark price is $2100 all-in, but that's for a pretty full system with 41 sensors. ADT charges a min of $100/sensor, plus some of my runs are pretty strange so some would definitely have been more. Besides, there's some stuff here that ADT just doesn't do as they're a security company [ie thermostats, telephone&doorbell ring indicator, Ethernet interface so I can monitor it]

I'm keeping the receipts for all this stuff as it legitimately increases the cost basis of my house.
SKU, Description, Qty, Total

Base stuff (incl. optional extra zones & 2nd cabinet)
Elk-M1GSYS4, Control + Speaker + RJ21X + 14×14, 1
Elk-M1XIN, 16zone expander, 3
Elk-M1DBHR, M1 Data Bus Hub , 1
Elk-SWB28, 28" Structured Wired Box, 1
Elk-SWD1, Grommet Donuts for Box, 2

Optional Ethernet Control unit so I don't need RS232
Elk-M1XEP, M1 Series Ethernet Port, 1

Zone Sensors
Elk-M1ZTS, Zone Temp Sensor, 3
Elk-M1ZTS, Zone Temp Sensor with 7' probe, 1
Elk-930, Doorbell & Telephone Ring Detector, 1
GE-1125W-N, GE 3/8" Magnetic Stubby Reed Switch, 12
ROK-RG-71FM, Rokonet Vitron Glass Break Detector, 4
BH-ISMBLP1P, Bosch Blue Light passive infrared detector, 4
NAP-FW4H, Napco Fireworlf 4-wire Smoke Detector with Heat, 6
GE-240CO, GE 240-COE Carbon Monoxide Detector, 2
SS-5602, 194 Degree R/R Heat Sensor (Attic), 2
SS-5603, 135 Degree Heat Sensor (Kitchen), 1
SS-5601P, 135 Degree R/R Heat Sensor (Furnace & Laundry), 2
Elk-912, Elk Relay, SPDT 12V, 1


2 Responses to “The cost of it all”

  1. Stormy2084 said

    Thanks for posting this info. I found a couple of the detectors you were using to be more to my liking than those I currently had on my (soon to be ordered) list. Particularly the Bosch motion (with the blue light rather than the usual red) and the glassbreak (which I thought was more stylish than the one I had been looking at).

    I had a couple questions around the smoke detectors.

    Did you home run each to its own zone?
    Do these smokes have sounders or do you have the alarms tied to your panel alarm output?

    Did you look at the OmniProII vs the Elk? Why did you go with the Elk?

  2. IVB said

    Yeah, that Bosch Motion is pretty nice. I was originally contemplating re-using my ADT motion sensors, but they’re so ugly compared with these that I might put all Bosch in. They’re pretty well priced (i think ~$22-ish, can’t remember), so it’s not that much $$.

    Regarding your questions:
    1) I opted to homerun every single sensor to it’s own zone. That way I can tell exactly what’s happening. This is why I ended up needed 3 zone expanders. The Elk can handle up to 15 zone expanders, though, so i’m far from the limit.

    2) The smokes do not have sounders; they’re plugged into the panel. I decided to get 2-3 more internal speakers, perhaps 1-2 internal strobe lights, as those are all ~$20, and will have those go off in the event of an emergency. I’ll also have the speakers announce where the trouble is [i.e., smoke tripped in the kids room], so i won’t have to wonder where the problem is.

    3) OmniPro II vs. Elk. I looked at both, but for me the deciding factor was in accessibility of mfr reps for support/service. I’m a member of cocoontech.com, a home automation forum. The Elk guys monitor this forum regularly, and actually have a dedicated forum to them so they can respond to you. I’ve never seen more than a 24 hour response time, many times within 2-3 hours. Plus, with the hordes flocking to HA now, having a forum-based location where you can lurk and monitor other newbie’s Elk questions & the warm community support for answers helps climb the learning curve faster.

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