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What a productive evening!

Posted by IVB on May 4, 2006

Well, that whole list thing must have worked cuz I just had a shockingly productive evening. I had a pair of Niles CM5MP that I got off for $120 off eBay just sitting in a box. In the last few hours I:
– Drilled holes in the kids b/r, mounted them.
– Ran wiring in attic from speakers->media closet
– Hooked up Sherbourn 2/100A amp [$50 off eBay] in a heat-friendly location in media closet [top shelf, near top of rack, 8" below the exhaust fan]
– Redid ALL wiring that was going from 4 sources->Denon->2 amps for Zones2&3 to run through the ZPR instead.
– Redid screens to use ZPR. Basically I redid the actions to call the ZPR68 driver instead of the Denon, or in the case of Zone1, to call both of them.

I just got some Niles VolControllers off eBay to act as in-room volume reducers, but they haven't shown up yet. I left some extra slack in the wire so that there's room to run that, that'll happen next weekend. Until then, I'll have to use either the laptop or the 3400. [cellphone broke, so I can't use that].

The wife is going to Vegas this weekend for a girls weekend, so I won't be able to do much non-computer stuff over the next few days, but at least now I can chill with the girls in their bedroom listening to some tunes.


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