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HVAC & Sexy MZone screens

Posted by IVB on May 15, 2006

3 seriously cool developments this weekend, one festering sore:
The sore: I still can't get those smokes to work, but i'm getting further in determining the problem. Won't bore you with the details, let's just say that the Elk setup may not be totally correct.

Cool item #1: I redid all my screens to use sliders and properly do mzone, as the ZPR definitely has a much slower RS232 response rate than the Denon and was a drag to change volume one at a time. I won't show a screenshot of just this, but focus on the left wrapper of the below shots.

Cool item #2:The Aprilaire HVAC started working again. No idea why – well, i did clean up the wiring a little, so perhaps it was a loose connection. 
Click here for screenshot—> http://www.myhometheaterpc.com/screenshots/vladstudio/VladStudio_House_Temperature.JPG
Cool item #3: I was looking for a clean & simple way to do 7-10 zone control, using repeating text was getting a little too busy for me. CQC has this awesome variable concept where you can use a single template to do mzone, but I never really looked into it until tonight. I'm not done with everything yet, but i'll probably crash soon and wanted to share cuz I was pretty excited about how this was turning out. Once this is done, i'll post just the overlay template so anyone can download it and use it in their own/their customer setups if they want. [the wrapper has copyrighted vladstudio art in it, so i'm not willing to publicly post that].

Check it out. Each room has an invisible command button, so pressing it brings up a different bottom image. It will also set a zone variable, so the source icon will know what zone to set the source to. I'll leave the on/off and volume to the wrapper, as it's all there already. I don't want to put more than one invisible command button, folks will be lost.

As I type this, I realize that I could make the text a little sexier. Oh well, i said i wasn't done…

The source icons will be hidden from view [or perhaps grey'ed out] if they're not available in that room.

Click here for screenshot–> http://www.myhometheaterpc.com/screenshots/vladstudio/VladStudio_Floorplanview.jpg


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