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Cleanup, cleanup, everybody cleanup

Posted by IVB on May 27, 2006

After getting irritated b/c I had to be a contortionist to do my Elk testing, I have just completely disassembled the top 50% of my rack and my entire Elk setup.

In the last month, i've added so much stuff to the equipment closet (elk cabinet/speaker/keypad, 3 2ch amps, Xantech EXP9 zone expander), that I had this horrifically piecemeal and disgusting setup.

I'm confident (sorta) that I can resassemble it all. I'm justifying this the same way I did when I opted to blow up my HA/HT server 5 months ago – It had been up&running for 3 years, first as a PC, then as an HTPC client, then as a server, and had gobs of junk on it.

Cleaning up/laying down the right infrastructure is just so unsexy though…


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