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“Slowdown” and an FYI.

Posted by IVB on May 29, 2006

If it seems that i haven't made that much progress lately,it's because it's true. I'm mounting in-ceiling speakers and in-wall volume controllers in every room, plus running pre-wiring like you wouldn't believe. At the VC location, i'm also running 2 CAT5 (in case I ever do keypads or RadI/O touchscreens), 18/2 (for power for real touchscreens). I'm also running 3-wire minicoax to all the rooms.  This is so much work, it's unreal.

Also FYI in case any of you are looking through my posts and trying to click on stuff: The CQC forums are currently down – got taken out by friendly fire from their ISP. Their ISP has been pretty unresponsive through this, so they're going to switch to a new one. This may take a few days to sort out, they'll let us know when they're back up. I'll update all accordingly.


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