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Camera great news, good news, bad news, worse news

Posted by IVB on June 2, 2006

Got my new camera & power supply 2 days ago. Hooked it up last night, the great news is that I've got a great CCTV feed, works AWESOME in the dark with the IR LEDs.

The good news is that I was able to pull up a live video feed of my camera over another PC's InternetExplorer Window.

The bad news is that I can't get my old camera to work [you know, the one I reversed polarity on last week]. I'm feeding it 12VDC off the new PS, which is what the specs call for. It's center-positive, so it's looking like I just threw away $200.

The worse news is that I can't figure out how to get the live video feed over IE without going through the Diginet ActiveX plugin, which requires you to login. I want to render this on the 3400, furthermore via CQC, neither of which are easy for me to do text input through a browser window. There's zero chance of me hooking up a keyboard to the 3400, so I need to find a way through this.

I'm hoping there's a way to have Diginet take screencaps every 0.5->1second and post to a file, so I can pull that up via CQC on the 3400. If that works, there's a techie type on CQC who's willing to buy the Kodicomm capture card as it'll be functionally equivalent to his current system. Then he's going to reverse engineer the Diginet ActiveX plugin, see if we can hardcode a username/pw in there so we can bypass it all, and have what we really want – live streaming video through CQC using the Diginet software.

BTW, the reason we want to stick with Diginet is that it's got some great CCTV functionality, such as robust recording [scheduleable, on motion, on sensor trip], PTZ, and a variety of other stuff.


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