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The drumbeat of progress…

Posted by IVB on June 4, 2006

What a cool last 3 hours. I:

– Mounted CCTV outside, ran power & video wiring back to central location

– Mounted volume controller for bathroom, ran CAT5/power/speaker wiring back to central location

– setup CCTV server, confirmed that the camera works fine

– checked everything out online, made sure it works ok.

And best of all, it was all pretty dang easy. If I had a helper, this whole thing would have taken an hour. The only reason it took 3 was cuz I had to keep going up the dang ladder, back down, cuz I forgot stuff or I had to confirm wiring. I also wanted to go a bit slower, so I didn't burn out camera #2.

The drumbeat of progress is constant!

Not that it's exciting, but here's a few pics. I still haven't figured out how to integrate into CQC, but babysteps…




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