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FYI: The 3400 works with CCTV

Posted by IVB on June 6, 2006

Just tested out the 3400 rendering my CCTV image. It works fine, which I'm sure will make many folks happy.

1 Caveat though: I'm currently sitting in front of my 2.6GHz P4 desktop with the 3400 next to it, both connected via a hardwired cxn. The desktop reports anywhere from 4.9->5.1 frames/second, but the 3400 is holding steady at 3.12 Frames/sec. I'm not sure if this is a computer thing or a CCTV server thing.  Regardless, I think it's "good enough for me" as the purpose is not to see smooth streaming TV on it, but rather to see who's at the front-door.

Maybe once I hit the lotto i'll go get a houseful of TouchTronix UTMA/UMPCs. For now, for $160, this is proving yet again to be a worthwhile investment.


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