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Still working on the Elk & smokes…

Posted by IVB on June 14, 2006

A big reason I went with the Elk: They have a dedicated forum on cocoontech(http://www.cocoontech.com/index.php?showforum=42) where I can ask questions. That type of access is exactly what the DIY contingent needs, as some of this stuff isn't so easy to do even after we put some elbow grease into the situation.

I opted to pull the hub out of the equation, still having issues. Here's the post I just made on their cocoontech forum(http://www.cocoontech.com/index.php?showtopic=4668), i'm sure they'll respond soon enough….
I know you guys have followed (http://www.cocoontech.com/index.php?showtopic=4346 )  this thread, thanks for that. I've done another series of tests tonight; i'm missing something blindingly obvious, as I cannot figure out how to get my 4-wire Firewolf smokes to work on an expander. The Elk immediately reports an alarm.

Here's what I did, any guidance or confirmation that a smoke detector can indeed go on an expander zone would be helpful.

Note: I used the ElkRP status button to tell me what the various voltages were, as it was much faster than using a multimeter. I'm happy to repeat all of these tests using a multimeter if you feel you want confirmation of the readings.

With only keypad & expander hanging directly off Elk, no data bus hub retrofit, or sensors of any sort hooked up:

1) Confirm proper resistance across RS485 bus, ie do I have the right # of terminators. 67ohms, within range specified by spanky
2) Determine smoke detector voltage on normal (7V), alarm mode (0V), just EOL on zone  (7V).
3) Put smoke on mainzone 9, "enabled" zone to type 12 (fire supervisory). works fine. Measures 7V on normal, 0V on alarm
4) Put smoke on expander zone 17. Didn't "enable" the zone, elk sees 7V. "enabled" via ElkRP to a type 12 (fire supervisory), elk still sees 7V but immediately reports alarm
5) Put smoke on expander zone 17. but this time I "enabled" via ElkRP to a type 10 (fire alarm), acknowledged alert, reset smoke, still reports alarm.
6) put EOL on expander zone 19, reads 7V. "enabled" zone to a type 12(fire supervisory), elk reports alarm.
7) Added a motion detector to expander zone 21, works fine. Set to 04(burglar interior), 3-EOL Supervised on short.

So at this point, i believe i've confirmed that the expander works fine as a motion on it works, the smoke works fine as it works on the mainboard.

Can I, and how can I, get the smoke working on the expander?


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