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You don\’t have to spend a lot for that smarthome.

My god does Elk have good customer service.

Posted by IVB on June 15, 2006

Ok now this is service!

Within 7 hours, by 7:30am EST [which is where they are], I got the following response from Elk's Chief Engineer. I tried a few things out, not all, will do the rest tonight. At least i know it's "supposed" to work. And, the company is certainly committed to helping out us poor schmoes who aren't bigtime installers that move tons of their product.

Have you enrolled the input expander?

You should be using definition 10, Fire Alarm. Fire supervisory is for fire gate valves.

If you put a 2200 ohm resistor across the zone terminals, it should not show alarm.

I tested the fire alarm on a zone expander here at my desk and it works OK.

Try moving to zone 32 and see if you get the same results.

You might try re-downloading the software in the input expander, else a problem on the input expander.


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