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Fathers day is about kids, food, Elk, conduits, & smokes.

Posted by IVB on June 18, 2006

Another amazing day in paradise. Any doubts I had about me being a semi-DIY'er were put to rest. I spent Fathers day playing with the kids from 6:30am [when they woke up] to 9:00am, then having them read me a book while I played with the Elk.  Had a slow start, ended almost perfect. Check it out:

– Moved data bus hub retro & expander back to secondary cabinet, wired up all expanders & keypads in "production mode". After 45 mins, realized that one of the expanders wasn't actually working. Swore some, then pulled it out.
– Had lunch with wife/kids. Chicken parmesan with whole wheat pasta. Yummy.
– Bought a 2" PVC pipe from home depot, screwed up the cut several times, finally got a totally straight conduit run from attic all the way to literally the top of the Elk unit (only about 5', can't believe how much I hosed it) so that it would be easy to do the next step.
– Ran new fire rated 22/4 wire for ALL SIX smoke detectors wires from current location to the elk [via the lovely conduit]
– Had dinner with family & wife's family who came over.
– Used 2 of the prior smoke runs that went to the 2ndary cabinet for 2 194deg Attic Heat Detectors.
– Family forced me to stop for 45mins. Some lame excuse about it being my wife's birthday last Wed, and cake/presents time. Don't these people know i've got wiring to do?
– Used 1 of the prior smoke runs for a new motion detector.
– Rejiggered all wiring in the 2ndary cabinet to match the new usage.
– Turned on the Elk, enabled Zones 2->7 for the new smokes

I say "almost perfect" cuz I must have cut the wrong wire, as when I turned the Elk on it claimed expander 4 was nowhere to be found. I'm dang tired, i'll go downstairs tomorrow and figure out why.

Still though, heckuva day.


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