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One thing leads to another and another…

Posted by IVB on June 19, 2006

Dear Diary: Sometimes I wonder if I'm the exact right person for a DIY HA/HT solution, or the exact wrong person. Check out this bizarre thought process whence I came home:

5:15pm: "Dang is it nice. Getting a little warm though. Holy cow – look at the weather for the next few days; it's going to go up another 10deg, at least 90 by Wed. Man, I really need to ventilate that media closet."
6:15pm: "Man am I tired. But I best go down under the house and check the wiring on that expander."
6:30pm: "yep, accidentally pulled out a wire. Oh look at that – there's our old metal heat register grate that we pulled out when we put in the wooden one that we stained. Hmm. I wonder if I could use that in the media closet."
6:35pm: "Wow, check that out – there's a perfect location for the register on the floor in the back of the closet, where all the equipment vents. I'll just drill the 4 holes indicating the rectangle, i'll cut it later."
6:45pm: "Oh honey, you're going to give the kids a bath? Ok, I'll just cut this real quick."
7:00pm: "Ok, finally done taking the closet door off the hinges and moving all the crap out, ready to cut".
7:15pm: "How the heck did I screw up this rectangle so badly?"
7:30pm: "How the heck did I bend the crap out of this jigsaw blade?"
7:45pm: "Why isn't this damn thing fitting in? Wait a second – what the hell are these weird plastic bumper things on the side of the register – why in gods name would someone manufacture a non-straight edged register"
8:00pm: "Man, that is the ugliest most screwed up rectangle I have ever seen. Thank god the register grate has 1" of overlap on either side, so it's very forgiving"
8:15pm: "Well, finally all cleaned up. But, as long as I'm here, I may as well wallmount that magnetic strip on the other side of the closet so I can hang all my tools.
8:45pm: "Look honey, I cleaned everything out. I know I made a big mess, and did 2 hours of work I didn't plan on, but I also emptied the other half of the closet. Sure, you can put your sewing machine there – that's why I made the space."
8:55pm: "Hey – I can put my 4" RadioShack fan right on top of that register and suck the cold air up"
9:00pm: "Cool – the temperature fell another 5 degrees. I should go make another entry in the blog".


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