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Centralized view over what CD/XM/DVD is in each zone!

Posted by IVB on June 22, 2006

V1.6.20 of CQC went into public beta today, the coolest part is that it supports the new V2.3.2 Theatertek IP version.

Centralized view of what is currently playing on each source. I have another screen where I can see all zones (http://www.charmedquark.com/vb_forum/showthread.php?t=1633 ), I didn't put the source per zone there as before 30 minutes ago all I could see was CD/XM. I think I'll have to add this in there.

Oooooh, pretty….



One Response to “Centralized view over what CD/XM/DVD is in each zone!”

  1. IVB said

    Someone asked me why I would ever bother to do this. Here’s why:
    I can now seperate the concept of video sources from zones, and setup 2 PCs to act as DVD servers. Then, I can distribute those 2 sources to any of the (eventually) 5 TVs in my house, and setup logic in CQC so that it goes to the first available DVD player when a user asks to watch a DVD.

    I, for one, am sick of having to spend $500-$750 on a dedicated HTPC client per room. This FREE upgrade to TT has just saved me $1500-$2000 to do just that.

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