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Truly Integrating Home Security & Home Theater

Posted by IVB on July 5, 2006

Just worked something out over on cocoontech, looks like my theory about there being “something” about setting up each room as it’s own audio zone, and putting motion detectors in every room “just in case” will work out.

I’m going to setup CQC & the Elk to turn off speakers and lighting(future) if there’s been no motion in a room for 5 minutes. The design looks like it would be trivial as I could have CQC set Output208on if the familyroom speakers are turned on. In the Elk, I could then do;
THEN TURN Output207 ON for 5 Minutes Restart if running

WHENEVER Output207 TURNS OFF and Output208 IS ON

I’ll create a triggered event in CQC that says something like
IsFldChangeFor(“elk-driver.Output208”) send false to the FamRm ZPR68 Power (turn off the power in that zone)

I guess if I wanted to get complex, I could do an
IsEqual(“elk-driver.Output208”,False), but the only thing that’d be changing that would be the Elk.

Gotta love it when 2 seperately created, organically designed plans come together and actually have synergy…


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