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Raging success with remote access of House Server

Posted by IVB on July 9, 2006

I got the Cingular phone working much better by upgrading the firmware on the phone to the latest version.  Just in time too – had some raging success yesterday with remote access of my server.   We had a last minute out-of-town trip to Napa as wife’s folks were willing to watch kids. I added some A/V screens so I could control the A/V equipment and start DVDs, as they constantly struggle with anything remotely technical, especially if they’re trying to watch the kids at the same time.

Here’s the latest set of interfaces I made for it, had some pretty good luck with them yesterday. That said, I’m going to create a high-bandwidth set and low-bandwidth set and create a new top-level menu having you pick one or the other, as I only got 5-10kbps over Cingular’s EDGE network while in Napa yesterday, and some of these are nearly 200K. They were fine from the coffee shops with free wifi, but about 40 seconds per page load time from the movie theater.  I kicked off a DVD for the inlaws so they didn’t have to deal with anything other than turning TV on. Considering that I won’t use this that often, 20 seconds is “ok”, but i’d like to see if I can at least create security ones that load within 5-7 seconds.

Obviously these need some serious GUI work – the napa trip was a total last minute thing, so the A/V ones are what I whipped together in <60 minutes.

BTW, these use CQC’s DotNetViewer which directly hits the CQC XML Gateway server in my house, so I don’t need logmein.com, and so no unnecessary software or security holes.










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