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Performance Optimization yields great results.

Posted by IVB on July 10, 2006

Did some performance testing/optimization of my PPC skins so I can get this to be a highly usable system. Can’t do a heckuva lot here at home, as I get crappy cellphone coverage inside the house [all the plaster/lathe kills cellphone signals].  Pretty remarkable how much space even small images take up, though. I was able to cut download time of the first page I tried from 17 seconds to ❤ seconds, and more impressively the 2nd one from 79 seconds to 11 seconds!

CAVEAT: This is a sample set of 1 run, in my current location with the crap cellphone coverage. I’m going to try again tomorrow if that pesky work thing doesn’t get in my way.

To load this page via the DotNetViewer over Cingular/EDGE via my dynamic DNS took 17 seconds. If I’ve calculated correctly, and if 5 copies of the same 10K image means 50K of bandwidth, then this page is about 70K. That generally squares up with the 5-10Kbps I was seeing over EDGE, if you consider the signal in my house is greatly impacted and no cellphones usually work.

To load this page with no images took just under 3 seconds. There’s no images, so it’s about 2K. [just the size of the template]

Then we get truly dramatic.
To load this page took 79 seconds. I believe this page is about 125K.

Cutting out all the images, bringing it down to about 5K took 11 seconds. I had to add a TON of state-based rules processing in order to show/hide text fields, I may see if there’s another option there which would likely cut that time further.

I’ll keep plugging away. Hopefully I can get everyone working in the <7 second timeframe, which would make this thing dang usable.


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