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Finally, an easy zone run

Posted by IVB on July 15, 2006

Finally, something that’s easy.  Both kids decided they wanted to go with Mom to pick up dinner, I went downstairs to see how easy it would be to access the front doors [outer & inner] via the crawlspace. Well, one thing led to another, inside of 90 minutes I had the floor and both doors drilled, magnets mounted, wires run, mounted to the expander, and confirmed proper operation via ElkRP!

Good thing the wife/kids decided to eat at the restaurant. Wife drove back up to see me with the outer door on the stoop, drill in hand. Thank god it only took me 15 minutes from then to completion, or else there’d been issues.

I just got the 2 doors working with CQC. I tried putting it on the current motion screen, didn’t really work cuz you couldn’t tell the difference between the green indicating no motion and the green indicating door is closed.

Here’s a new screen dedicated to doors/windows.  Not sure this is where i’ll end up, it’s just one of those things that needs to sit with me for a bit.



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