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You don\’t have to spend a lot for that smarthome.

My god, FAST PDA access to art-based screens!

Posted by IVB on July 15, 2006

Holy cow!  I worked with Mark Stega [CQC guy who wrote the DotNetViewer, i *think* he’s the CEO] to optimize this.  He sent me a new build, screw the text-based stuff, he optimized the DNV so that it doesn’t redownload an image if it’s already gotten it.

Now, ( http://www.myhometheaterpc.com/screenshots/PPC/PPC_Home.jpg ) the menu art screen which was taking 17 seconds, now loads in 8 seconds the first time, and GET THIS: 2.5 seconds every other time. [it’s already downloaded the button]

( http://www.myhometheaterpc.com/screenshots/PPC/PPC_Motion.jpg )The motion screen, which was taking 79 seconds with art, and 11 seconds without art, takes 19 seconds the first time, 8 seconds the 2nd time and on!

Woohoo, no more text!  I’m still doing some more sample runs, that was just the first run.  Very very exciting stuff!


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