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Some small steps, some running in place.

Posted by IVB on July 23, 2006

Dear Diary: This weekend I came up with a good plan to have consistently fast screen performance over the 8125. When I think i’ll be entering a period of activity for interaction, I’ll establish an Edge cxn via IE, startup the CQC PDA app, hit all the screens so I download/cache all the images, then do the PDA equivalent of alt-tabbing to the phone/calendar/etc. I put the phone back in the belt clip and resume my biz. As the PDA app hasn’t technically shutdown, it still holds the images in memory. Whenever I want to check something on the house, I re-establish the Edge cxn, flip to the CQC Viewer, and play away. Did it this weekend, worked pretty well. Consistently got <10second load times on the art-based screens, which is pretty damn good considering it’s 5-15KBps and over the Cingular network, and I was 50 miles from my house!

I also basically spent a long time running in place on everything else. I’ve finally got the office PC back to a reasonable state. I setup the geeks.com $220 P4, put in an ATI 9000 Pro half-height card cuz the mobo VGA was horrid, and realized it only had a 160W PS so I couldn’t add another HD. No biggie there. However, the damn s-video->composite adapter that I had to get 2nd monitor running (aka distribute to SDTV’s) didn’t fit in the ATI 9000 slot, not sure wassup with that. And, I was having those issues with the TV holding sync before. This is seriously making me want to throw this damn SDTV out and just use a powered splitter to drive both a local LCD and convert the VGA->component, run that. I’d love to have a better PQ than a 9000, but I can’t be buying yet more vidcards.

I’m also having fairly massive issues with TT, even outside CQC. I installed V2.4.1.0, which is a pre-release, thing kept wanting to freeze up on me. Backing down to 2.3.2 had the same result. I may go all the way back to 2.0 for a while, ditch the CQC IP driver until I can get the TT part a bit more stable. I’d really rather not, but we’ll see.

So all in all, one tiny-ass step forward on the cell access, and standstill everywhere else.


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