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Serious CCTV, elk, CQC, Sage progress

Posted by IVB on July 30, 2006

Well, progress has been slow lately. Work has been truly horrific and political, and will likely continue to be so for the next 3 months. Hence, i’m in feast or famine mode – i either want to stay the heck away from everything and chill with the wife/kids, or dive into it and shut out the world.  I did a little of both this weekend, bought a bike&trailer-car so 2yr old could sit in back, and get some decent progress on the HA side.

I got serious progress on 4 major fronts:
1) CCTV webserver working again. it broke when I tried to downgrade to Diginet V4.11]
2) Front Door cover MotionDetector Camera working kinda[. Either I got cheap cables, cheap BNC connectors, cuz I had a HECK of a time getting a connection to hold. Plus, see the pics below, the image is a little funky. This part isn’t done yet.
3) 3400 can now run kick off a show on another PC which is hooked up to a TV. Uses the SageTV webserver, and I can Play/Pause/skip from 3400. This eliminates the need for any remotes in that room (except for TV on/off). This is more cuz I got excited about the progress beelzerob is making on the SageTV driver than anything else, wanted to start prepping for that.
4) CQC state logic and Elk rules setup so that I can tell if there’s been activity in a room within the last X minutes. I initially started with 5mins, but will probably change that to 15 once this is debugged.

Wife/kids are gone next weekend, i can’t go cuz of work, so i’m coming up with a big list of stuff to get done. With any luck, i’ll pound through lots, but that’s assuming I don’t get slaughtered at work this week and go into hiding this weekend. I’ve got still 4 cameras, Elk speakers & custom boards so I can play custom WAV files on doorbell/telephone, network&telco distro, and more speakers all sitting in boxes in the living room.

Here’s screenshots of 2/3/4:





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