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FYI: CQC price increase after Fri midnight!

Posted by IVB on August 2, 2006

FYI: To reflect the greatly increased functionality in CQC, both now and as of the next version, Dean just announced a large price increase for CQC, from $315 all-in to $495 all-in if you buy before end of august to $495-base/$900 all-in if you buy after august.

If you buy before Fri midnight, it’ll be $315.  After that, the price starts going up. Hence, if you’ve contemplated this, you may want to strongly consider buying now to avoid unecessary fees.

If you’re looking for a “professional” level product that’s very reliable and network distributable, it really is the best solution out there. It’s only true competition is AMX & Crestron, both of which are mega-thousand dollar installs.

http://www.charmedquark.com/vb_forum/showthread.php?p=28201#post2820 you’ll need to email Dean to get this price.


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