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Recipes in CQC, plus PDA access of CCTV

Posted by IVB on August 11, 2006

A few of us are looking to integrate a recipe management system with CQC, so we can pull it up on our touchpanels in the kitchen. I downloaded both BigOven and LivingCookbook, neither of them seemed good enough for me, plus they won’t allow ODBC access and will force us to use XML export/imports, which makes for a kludgy integration.

I downloaded mySQL and found a PHP/web-based recipe mgmt package [CookDojo] that claims it’ll run on it. I ran into install issues last night, i’ll keep plugging away tonight.

I’ll probably just use it to see how it works, then determine the build vs buy point. I still haven’t found a buy solution that works the way we’re going to want it to work, may have to build my own.

But there’s more progress!
I tried pulling up the CCTV web browser interface directly on the cellphone PDA. I’m not sure if it’s the controls (dunno if it’s javascript or activex), but it won’t work. At this point my options are:
1) Get snapshot images, pull those up
2) Find diginet PDA app, see if I can get that to work
3) Ditch the Kodicomm, get the Avermedia nv5000, which supposedly has a very nice PDA app.

I’d love to go down option#2, but I’m not sure i can find that. If not, i’m leaning towards #3.


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