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Wiring and Recipe progress

Posted by IVB on August 20, 2006

Well, a modicum of progress today.  Got some wiring done, made some progress on that recipe stuff, and let the wife know I bought a 777ES as yet another HD seems to have died(trust me, that’s progress).

On the wiring/CCTV stuff:
I got 4 more wiring runs done: 3 CCTV and the driveway gate [using a cheap magnetic reed sensor].  I got the CCTV mounted, but it isn’t working yet. I completely forgot where I put the wire cutters, so I tried using small pruning shears to cut the cable. Add this to the fact that I had to contort my body to reach the eave, and my 4yr old & 2yr old were in the driveway playing while wife was at a bridal shower, and it’s no shocker that the new CCTV isn’t working.  Driveway sensor works fine, which I damn well hope so since it’s basically 2 simple wires and my kids “helped me”.

On the recipe’s via CQC side, I’m thinking that using Joomla & RapidRecipe really will be the best path forward. I got it all loaded up & working. I figured out which RapidRecipe tables i’ll need to display recipes in CQC and determined the basic structure. It’s only 4, so it’s nice and small. Plus, I finally got hosting for myhomecookingpc.com at a mega-Joomla hosting provider that’s got all these tutorials and forums about customizing it. This’ll be the permanent home. I figured out which tables need to be exported, and I have access to cron-jobs so i’m going to have it cut exports every 15 mins [or more]. However, i’m currently having issues both manually exporting and getting a command script that’ll work. That’s the next step.

That site(www.myhomecookingpc.com) isn’t going anywhere, it’s open to the public (ie, non-CQC users too), so if you’re interested in a recipe site, and potentially the ability to download a db (may be SQL, XML, CSV, or Excel, haven’t finalized yet), you’re more than welcome to it.


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