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One step closer on recipes inside CQC…

Posted by IVB on August 23, 2006

Progress on a mechanism to integrate a recipe site with CQC!

As mentioned above, I bought www.myhomecookingpc.com and put Joomla and RapidRecipe on it. I’m very slowly adding recipes into it. The site is running an export every 15mins to a file for just the 4 recipe tables.  I used the windows event scheduler to automatically download that exportfile via ftp in a very simple NT command script. Downside is that each task only runs 1x/day max. I was hoping to do this every 15-30mins as it’s a 10second command and takes almost no CPU cycles.

At this point, i’ll probably put this project on hold until V2.0 with ODBC access to local datastores comes out as all I need is a local display mechanism. I do need to populate the site with recipes, but I don’t think i’ll populate with MealMaster data as it’s really 99.9% garbage, 1% useful. I might put in the recipes we use heavily [south beach stuff, indian food, etc].

Also, anyone else is more than welcome to signup and add their own stuff into it. PM me and i’ll give you the NT command script with the ftp login details for the site.


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