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I can see my CCTV over the PDA/Cingular network!

Posted by IVB on August 24, 2006

Got the wife to say “hey, that’s cool”. Gotta love that.

How? I got the Diginet PDA software working on the 8125 over the Cingular network, just showed it to her. Now we can pull up any of our cameras on the cellphone. It only gets about 1.25fps, but for this purpose it’ll be fine. If I’m somewhere with wifi access or once cingular rolls out their upgraded network in 6months, i’m sure it’ll be better, but again, not a showstopper at this point in time.

I’m contemplating setting up a CQC button to make an announcement over the elk HA speakers, ie “Yo dude, get out of my house i’ve already called the cops and emailed them your picture”. Too bad I can’t link the phone to the speakers, and talk into the speakers, THAT would be super cool.

Here’s as good a picture as I could take. You can barely but not quite make out a grid of #s on the bottom left, that corresponds to camera #. The image is markedly similar to the standard CCTV picture shot i’ve been showing you guys.


And here’s the regular shot.


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