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DSL filters, HVAC control, popup templates, and more!

Posted by IVB on October 8, 2006

Ladies (are there any here?) and gentleman (i know there’s none of those here 😀 ), CQC2.0 has literally just allowed me to achieve my #2 priority from 15 months ago, when I first started down this route. In theory I could have done this with V1.4, 12 months ago, if I wanted to learn coding, but well, I didn’t and was ok with waiting around for more user-friendly tools. And today is that day!!

In my house, the HVAC is all but unusable as the house is 96 yrs old and drafty as heck. We have to manually turn it on/off, even though we’ve got this fancy thermo and super-efficient blower. We can’t leave it on as it’s either burning hot or freezing cold, literally based on which way the wind is blowing outside and whether it’s producing cross-drafts in the house and inside the house walls. Rather than attempt to insulate a house this old, our 2 different installers told us to suck it up b/c all the houses in our neighborhood are like this.  I just used CQC’s new local/global variable thingey and very easy to use command editor to automatically turn on the thermo, set it to 5 degrees warmer than it is now, and turn on the heat. [i need 5 degrees so the blower kicks in].

I’m going to set this to turn itself on at 7:45am on the weekends, 7:15am on M/W/F which is when both kids go to preschool, and 7:30 every other day.   The wife is actually juiced about this, b/c it’s always so dang cold when the kids first get up, and this’ll be a nice alarm clock for them too.

Oh, and btw, today I
1) added a whole-house DSL filter that I bought from HomeTech, so I could have the Elk on without kicking out my DSL cxn
2) Seperated SageTV server from CQC server and moved the SageTV downstairs so I could jam it full of SDTV and HDTV tuner cards and stack D* boxes next to it without messing up an already jammed media closet
3) Mounted an autopatch for HTPC/officePC/777 component video sharing to my plasma, ran wiring so I could share it with the MBR TV as soon as we replace it. [on that note, it’s beginning to die, so that’ll happen soon too!)
4) Added an HDTV CAt’s eye tuner card to the SageTV box, got that up & running
5) Built out some more popups using the new 2.0 popup template mgr. Man, that’s cool stuff.

Here’s 3 token pics, i’ll take more tomorrow.  One of the event mgr for the HVAC stuff above, one with a popup.


Here’s the 2nd/3rd.  Pressing the blue source button on the left brings up the popup. Helps make the system look cleaner by getting rid of all the crap.  Those particular buttons & colors don’t necessarily work, but i’m sure i’ll obsess over that later too.

BTW, the wife personally chose the fonts on the menu as she thinks go nicer with the art.  You may also notice a slight change in the background on the wrapper, as she thought it looked a bit cleaner and more organic. Now THAT’S real progress and engagement.




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