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Quality Wire makes a difference…

Posted by IVB on October 9, 2006

Big hats off to one of my fellow CQC’ers (handle of Steve), my lesson re-learned yet again is “Use quality wire”.

I was having DSL connection and speed issues(went from 2.4Mbps down to 1.2Mbps after putting the filter in), Steve suggested that I check out the quality of the connection. I took out the cheap, 22g I had used to connect the telco line to the DSL filter, put in some solid 16g wire that’s so thick, it’s a royal PITA to bend. I’m now immediately up to 1.8Mbps download. Right now I’m using a long distance cheap telephone cable wire to run to DSL that’s probably 24g on a good day. I’m going to order some RJ12 connectors, I might be able to get it even better by using that CAT6 cable i’ve got laying around.

Live a little, re-learn a little.


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