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And, the Elk is now being centrally monitored!

Posted by IVB on October 11, 2006

How cool, how cool, how cool. Ok, well, really quite basic, but for me it was cool.

I got my Elk connected to nextalarm.com, got some phone hookup issues dealt with, and just ran the nextalarm suggested test where I armed the system and then tripped it.  I then disarmed it, checked my account at nextalarm.com, and saw the following:

Date & Time Event User Zone
Oct 11, 2006 08:30:39 PM Interior Violation  Den Motion (Zone xx)
Oct 11, 2006 08:30:36 PM Interior Violation  Breakfast Nook Motion (Zone xx)

This means that the system is now really fully functional. I’ll run in test mode for 2 weeks, and if all goes well, i’ll terminate ADT at the end of this month!


2 Responses to “And, the Elk is now being centrally monitored!”

  1. Pete said

    Long time lurker.

    Does the Elk connect direct to NextAlarm, or do you use the broadband adapter?

  2. IVB said

    I don’t have VOIP, so I hooked up directly to NextAlarm. I’m also getting a cellular backup. I’ve encased my phone lines in flex-metal tube directly through the wall, so there’s no chance someone can yank on it to get access, but just in case the enterprising thief brings a hacksaw i’ll be covered.

    Of course, all of this is huge overkill as the houses are all 10′ apart and the next door neighbor has a plasma in plain view and no alarm. My goal is to not to stop the professional thief, but just make it sufficiently hard enough to break in that they just go to an easier house.

     Thanks for reading.

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