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NextAlarm finalized, Autopatch run, CQC 2.0 screens rebuilt

Posted by IVB on October 24, 2006

Decent work lately.  I’m still having an issue getting the Elk to communicate temperature changes to CQC (ie, the reason I put outside temp on my wrapper), but I’m sure the elk guys will come up with a solution right quick.

1) I activated my contract with NextAlarm, as I got the final communication kinks worked out. I still need to mount some more stuff, but i’ve already got well more coverage than ADT, so this just makes sense.
2) I mounted the autopatch and ran the cabling. My 777 isn’t playing quite right with it, I don’t get red sent over. The autopatch tech support (who are awesome and fast) suspect “that the red from the DVD player has a high DC offset. If another source works try measuring the red output for a DC level. If this level is +/- .6 volts DC this may be the source of your problem.  If this is the case the only two options you have is to replace the DVD player or get a DC blocker to put in-line with the system.” Oh well, let’s see how that goes.
3) I finished up the first draft of the redo of my screens using the CQC 2.0 popups, cleaning up some of the flow.  [ http://www.charmedquark.com/vb_forum/showthread.php?p=37027#post37027  ]All 20 pictures are shown here, I won’t bore you with more than 2-3.[/url].  I still have the following outstanding bits to get done:
– adding 7day weather via a button on the 4day weather popup that replaces itself with the 7day popup,
– “What’s on” screen, using Sage and TT TCP drivers
3) FM screen.

Here’s a few of the screenshots, specifically the CD ones, as those were the ones that got cleaned up the most from the popups. I also put a button to a weather popup on the wrapper, as that’s one of the most commonly used screens in the whole setup.




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