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Finally integrating security with HVAC, a/v, etc.

Posted by IVB on October 26, 2006

I just realized how big a nimrod I am. I’ve been doing all this work to integrate all this stuff, and I haven’t yet bothered to cross-link my systems.

I just set it up so that when I arm the security system in “Away” mode and leave the house, it’ll turn off the stereo, any zones that were left on, and turn off the HVAC.  God am I looking forward to automated lighting, so it’ll turn off all that crap too.

When I put it into “Armed – Stay” mode (i.e., we’re home for the night), if I’ve left the outer front door or the driveway gate open, it’ll announce that fact which will prompt my wife to harass me to go close them. Those are setup as “non-alarm” zones, as the UPS guy might get ticked otherwise.  I just bought a 300lb magnetic door lock, and i’ll mount that on the outside door and automatically hard-lock it at night.  That’ll actually drive a ton of WAF, as we have what the left-coasters call a “mud room”, where we take off and leave all our shoes. The wife is always concerned that someone could come in and steal all our shoes. We’ve got a lock on the door, but it’s pretty easy to push it in.

But really, seriously, some day i’ll be done with setting this dang thing up.


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