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Added a maglock to Elk & CQC, and much more!

Posted by IVB on October 30, 2006

Well, in a fantastically fantastic long weekend, I blazed through tons of stuff.  In the past 4 days, I:
– Mounted the rest of my heat/smoke/CO sensors
– Added another non-alarm sensor on the Basement Door
– Mounted/fixed 2 more CCTVs and re-adjusted the front door one after a squirrel jumped on it and moved it
– Used my Leviton SMC for the first time to run 2 new telephone runs. Given that we only actually have 1 cordless phone base with a bunch of extensions thoughout the house, I can now completely ditch my existing telephone wiring and go entirely with the new stuff that I’ve put in.
– And, most importantly, I mounted my new 300 pound maglock on our outer door. It’s too weak for front-door/back-door usage, but for a mudroom door it’s just fine.

Check out the pics.  I had to use 2×4 to fashion an L bracket as the 300# maglock doesn’t come with one.

I can now arm/disarm the outer door through the keypad that’s mounted at the front-door or through CQC.  I’m going to setup a rule in the Elk to automatically lock it when the Elk is set to ArmStay mode, and unlock it upon Disarm.

Most importantly, the wife is happy I got this done before Halloween as we can lock the doors up at 8pm tomorrow night, and the hooligan ruffian types will hopefully just move on to the other house.





And here’s the CQC screen. Although now that I look at it, I wonder if I should flip the red/green status, or perhaps use another set of on/off images.


BTW, here’s the latest CCTV image. I had to go to a 8grid view (3×3) as I’m about to put in the 5th CCTV.



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