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The value of TCP drivers for SageTV and TheaterTek

Posted by IVB on November 8, 2006

For all ye who wonder why bidirectional TCP drivers for both SageTV and TheaterTek are value add:  I just setup my system so that when I press the right-arrow button, CQC will determine whether
1) Sage is currently playing a show, in which case it’ll send it a skip fwd1 command,
2) TheaterTek is up but not playing, in which case it sends it a right-nav command,
3) TheaterTek is up and playing, in which case it sends a fastforward 2X command.

I’m going to repeat this for both right-arrow buttons and both left-arrow buttons on my remote.

A context-sensitive remote is a beautifully easy way of simplifying a system for the wife/in-law types…

BTW, here’s the entirety of the code. I didn’t even type any of this in directly, it was all point&click. This is just the output of the point&clicking.


If System::Equals($(familyroom-sagetv-tcp.PlayMode, Play)
   Devices::FieldWrite(familyroom-sagetv-appcontrol.TransportOp, Rewind 1)
If Devices::DriverIsReady(familyroom-theatertek-ip)
   If System::Equals($(familyroom-theatertek-ip.PlayMode, Paused)
      Devices::FieldWrite(familyroom-theatertek-ip.Navigation, Left)
   If System::Equals($(familyroom-theatertek-ip.PlayMode, Playing)
      Devices::FieldWrite(familyroom-theatertek-ip.Transport, Rewind 2X)


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