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I begin to use CQC to integrate zWave and the Elk

Posted by IVB on November 24, 2006

Ok, now we’re starting to hit some serious MAF. (again, that’s my acceptance factor). A little WAF too.

We’ve got an MBR closet that has no light in it. Why, I have no idea. But, we’ve had this stupid table lamp on an extension cord in there, and we have to reach in and turn it on every time we open the door to look in. We don’t need the light 100% of the time, but a solid 75% as it doesn’t get much direct light. I swear every time I open that up as it’s just such a hack, esp since the on/off switch isn’t really conveniently located. So, I got to thinking – i’ve got an Elk, I’ve got CQC, and now i’ve got zWave, why not integrate this stuff and fix my dang problem.

Well, all these wiring runs are starting to show in terms of experience. I just took 15 mins to drill a hole in the floor of the MBRCloset where the door is, mount a magnetic switch, run it to the Elk 2ndary cabinet.  I then took another 10 mins went into CQC, setup a trigger on that zone that’ll turn off the MBRCloset light if the door is closed, turn it on when the door is open.  Ok, that part shouldn’t have taken 10 mins, but it took me way too long to realize that I was triggering on the wrong elk zone (ie, wasn’t looking at the right field).

There is a but.  I have had many many timeouts between CQC & zWave, but I’m really thinking it’s b/c the USB controller has to go 15′ through a 4″ to the nearest switch, and the next one is another 10′ away.  I ordered another 10 HA06C zWave switches and 2 external lamp modules, (2day UPS to boot), once those are mounted i’ll have a 20-switch network including 2 switches 7′ away through air from the controller, and 4 more switches literally just above the USB controller. That’s as much as I can do to make this a decent network given that there is no RF repeater concept a la Homeworks RF.


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