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Simple Event Manager activation

Posted by IVB on November 24, 2006

Something must have been in the turkey, because all kinds of things are finally being absorbed today.  I finally clued in as to what the heck Dean/MarkStega/jonathan were talking about when they said “learn how to use the variables driver – it’s damn powerful”.

I just tried using it for real, ok, i publicly hereby admit that it took me far too long to realize that this is actually what I wanted all along and that I was wrong and that you guys were right.

I’ve been looking for a way to use the same UI that I use for everything else to enable/disable my events. Specifically, my irrigation system is the current angst.

So, I created 2 variables in the variable driver called active_hvac and active_irrigation – I can use that to transfer info from the IV to the event manager.  This has enabled me to do the following screen.


Then, inside the “Start Sprinklers” action, I added an if-then statement around the whole thing testing for true or false.

If System::Equals($(sample-variables-driver.Act…, True)
   Devices::FieldWrite(sample-rain8net.1_Zone_1, True)
   Devices::FieldWrite(sample-rain8net.1_Zone_2, True)
   Devices::FieldWrite(sample-rain8net.1_Zone_3, True)


Pretty nifty, huh? I realize how much more powerful this package every time I turn around – some day I’ll actually understand it.


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