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Finally I build a combined zWave/HVAC/receiver HA scene

Posted by IVB on December 12, 2006

Well, my kids have now woken me up 30+mins before CQC started the HVAC for the last 3 days. 2 days ago I tried starting the heat manually from the 3400, but the dang buttons were too small for my half-closed eyes.

I just coded up this screen with some seriously huge buttons, so even i could hit it with my eyes closed. Intentionally put the “heat+5deg” at the bottom, so I can reach over, tap the power button to pull it out of hibernate, then push this button. Now to figure out how to remember to leave it on this screen before I go to bed.

Frankly, this to me is getting more to the point of an HA system. Up until now, i’ve pretty much had a “gee ma, looky here, i can control it through my computer” type setup. Controlling more than 1 device per screen, furthermore custom-creating screens and embedding custom logic in there is what this HA thing ought to be about.



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