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Monitoring my house over the internet from ANY pc or internet-phone

Posted by IVB on December 14, 2006

Well, given that:
1) The 2.0 PDA Viewer isn’t done yet
2) The wife has a treo 650 with no dataplan and no ability to put the CQC DNV on it as it’s a palm-OS

I decided to go ahead and use that webserver license I got as part of the “full CQC package” deal.

Yes Virginia, this is an ugly webpage. But, before spending excessive time coding it to be pretty (given that I don’t know HTML), I opted to just do a raw dump of all the relevant HA type status info onto a webpage.

I can access this from the internet by going to [url]http://ivbhouse.not-telling-you.net:12345/house_status.html[/url] from any PC or internet phone. That gets rerouted from my dyndns.com free hosting account to my house. I can’t actually control anything over the ‘net, that requires learning CML. I’m not willing to do that given the PDA Viewer will be out within a few weeks.

I won’t post a screenshot here as it’s 20″ high, but you can see most of it on this page here:  http://www.myhometheaterpc.com/screenshots/webserver/firstdraft.jpg

Here’s what the code looks like. Pretty dang simple. I won’t show you the beginning security stuff, as i’m a paranoid guy, but here’s some of the latter stuff. basically just put $(device.field) whereever you want the info to do.  I used notepad to write the HTML, so i’m really no guru.

<big><b><u>Lighting Status:</b></u><br></big>
Entry: $(sample-zwave-ACT.Entry)<br>
InHouseEntry: $(sample-zwave-ACT.InHouseEntry)<br>
Living Room: $(sample-zwave-ACT.LivRm)<br>
Kitchen: $(sample-zwave-ACT.Kitchen)<br>
MBRCloset: $(sample-zwave-ACT.MBRCloset)<br>
DinRmPendant: $(sample-zwave-ACT.DinRmPendant)<br>
KBR: $(sample-zwave-ACT.KBR)<br>
Hallway: $(sample-zwave-ACT.Hallway)<br>
KBath: $(sample-zwave-ACT.KBath)<br>
DinRmSpot: $(sample-zwave-ACT.DinRmSpot)<br>
BRNook: $(sample-zwave-ACT.BRNook)<br>
The Thermostat is: $(sample-aprilaire.T1Mode)<br>
Current Temperature in Dining room is: $(sample-aprilaire.T1CurTemp)<br>
The SetPoint is $(sample-aprilaire.T1SPHeat)<br>
Temperature in other parts of the house is:<br>
Outside: $(sample-elk.Probe15)<br>
MBR: $(sample-elk.Probe09)<br>
Attic: $(sample-elk.Probe10)<br>
Inside Entry: $(sample-elk.Keypad02)<br>
Media Closet: $(sample-elk.Keypad01)<br>

<big><b><u>Audio Status:</b></u><br></big>
FamilyRoom Xantech is: $(sample-xantech.Z1Power)<br>
FamilyRoom Denon is: $(sample-denon-3805.MZPower)<br>
BRN/Kitchen/KBath is: $(sample-xantech.Z2Power)<br>
Livrm/DinRm is: $(sample-xantech.Z3Power)<br>
KBR is: $(sample-xantech.Z5Power)<br>
MBR is: $(sample-xantech.Z6Power)<br>


3 Responses to “Monitoring my house over the internet from ANY pc or internet-phone”

  1. Jim said

    Hello I read a forum post you made in 2003. I am glad to see you are still intrested in tech stuff. I just bought a Fujitsu Stylistic 3400s. I was wondering how much it would cost me to make it do what you did in 2003.


    please email me at battleroyalex@gmail.com thank you.

  2. IVB said

    If you don’t mind, i’d prefer to do this on a forum, i.e. either CQC, AVS, or cocoontech.

    BTW, are you talking about making that frame? It only cost me $50 at a custom photo frame shop. Same price now.

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