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How big is your parts closet?

Posted by IVB on January 4, 2007

Did someone ask how much time I spend on this HA stuff?

I’m declaring a moratorium on me buying stuff for a bit. A ton of UPS stuff has begun arriving, refilling the parts closet that I was close to emptying.  I’ve now got, or within a week will have the following unfinished stuff. I just estimated how many manhours it will take me to do the physical install (ie, nothing to do with CQC, just the physical install). I won’t put the # here, let’s just say that there’s a distinct possibility it’s not going to be 2 digits. It might be, all based on how easily I can run the wires, but it could easily not be.

And, that doesn’t include getting CQC to work with all this stuff. Fortunately, that should be <15% of the overall time estimate.

At my previously stated estimate of an avg of 1hr/day, 1 weekend per month@5 hours, I wouldn’t be shocked if it takes 4-6 months to “finish” mounting what I currently own.  Then again, doing all this would give me multi-thermo HVAC, 10 rooms of audio, 2 rooms of video, every single light switch being automated (all 25 of them), callerid, 60 sensors to protect a 1650sqft house, complete CCTV coverage. That’s not too shabby.

Currently in the parts closet (ie, doesn’t include what i’ve already mounted, which is probably 3x more than this list).
– 12 zWave switches

– Aprilaire distro panel and 2nd 8870, and 1 8051 temp sensor

– 3 rooms of speakers (2 stereo input speakers and 1 regular pair) and amps to power them (1 4ch Sherbourn amp; 1 parasound zamp)
–  7 Niles inwall volume controllers

– Autopatch 4YDM;
– 2nd DirecTV receiver (this has been in there for 2 yrs now);
– Sony XL1B CD/DVD megachanger

– 3 speakers and the Elk-800 to power them;
– 2 motion sensors;
– 2 waterbug sensors;
– proximity reader;
– 15 door/window sensors.
– 2 motion detectors,
– 4 glassbreak detectors,
– CCTV camera

– CallerID PC modem

– 32port patch panel,

Oh, and did I mention that i pulled all 300 CDs down from the attic to re-rip in lossless format?

Wife was getting happy that the closet was getting almost empty. Ha, guess I showed her!


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