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(No) Fun with HVAC’s and multiple thermos

Posted by IVB on January 7, 2007

Well, I received the 2nd Aprilaire 8870 and the Distro panel yesterday, learned a few lessons.

Lesson learned #767: Read the manual. Then read it again. Or else you might do what I did, and remove the HVAC wiring from one thermo, re-run to the distro panel, and then realize the panel is basically an RS-485 hub, and the HVAC wiring is *supposed* to go to the thermo that you just yanked it from.

Lesson Learned #768: If you’re mucking with your HVAC, the installation/service/wiring manual for your furnace is a *good* thing to have.

Lesson Learned #769: If you’re mucking with your HVAC, don’t forget to turn off your furnace, or else you could accidentally short 2 wires and blow a $0.99 fuse and not realize it until 5 hours into the troubleshooting.

I haven’t actually replaced the fuse yet, but I realized 30mins ago that the light in the furnace was flashing green 4x, yellow 2x.  I read through the whole install/service manual, found the location with status codes, realized it said “Fuse open, short in the 24VAC wiring”.  Suddenly remembered that temporary spark I saw when I was re-running the HVAC wiring.

God I hope that electrical access panel is easy to access – it would SUCK to have to pay a $105 minimum repairman fee just to replace a fuse that the manual says is a “standard 3A automative fuse”. Plus having no heat and waking up tomorrow to a dining room that’s 56 degrees (again).


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