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Control Lighting via PDA phone over Cingular

Posted by IVB on January 10, 2007

The CQC 2.0 Dot Net Viewer went into Beta on Monday, so I pulled up all my screens and they work generally fine. There’s 1-2 bugs with rendering images that I’ve found, but then again, it is in beta…

First thing I did was to create a lighting screen, as it seems my wife is constantly asking me to turn off lights after I armed the security system to leave. Now it’s pretty simple to use a GUI to turn this stuff on/off. I also added a “recent motion” vs “current motion” screen for security purposes.

I’m going to implement some form of “combo tasks” menu, yes i know that’s a horrid name, to do stuff like “I’m coming home and it’s dark&cold. Crank the heat and turn on the lights so my wife&kids don’t scream bloody murder”.

I just realized these screenshots look choppy – i’ll put some stuff I haven’t changed in here so you see that it’s me accidentally saving the screenshots as too low resolution, not the CQC Stuff.

At this point, the primary thing I do with my cellphone is:
– Lights
– Heat
– Security

For the non-CQC savvy folks: these use CQC’s DotNetViewer which directly hits the CQC XML Gateway server in my house, so I don’t need logmein.com, and so no unnecessary software or security holes.

Here’s the full list of screenshots if you want to see all the A/V control stuff: http://www.charmedquark.com/vb_forum/showthread.php?t=2005

Pretty boring – I just resized my fullsize template to 240×320 and changed images to lighter weight so they download quickly off my slow-a$$ cingular connection.








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