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Automated HD trailer download & more!

Posted by IVB on January 15, 2007

So much stuff I need a list of what i’ll tell you:

1) Learned how to use events & variables to do a single screen for recent/current motion
2) Automated apple.com HD movie trailers in CQC!!
3) Two mistakes in speaker mounting may have cost me $250.
4) Looks like i’ll need one zone per room after all, for a total of 10zones.

1 & 2) Events/Variables & apple.com trailers
How cool is the CQC user community? Well, in the last 3 days one person (acheslow) showed me how to do something with variables &events so I can use a single screen for recent & current motion, and another user (jonathan) wrote a driver that will automatically download the HD movie trailers from apple.com during low internet connection usage.  Check this out, how cool is this stuff!

There’s also some text below about some, eh, accidents today, but in general a large step forward.

First, a single screen with current & recent motion. I did it for the PPC without using states, just variables & events. I’ve now got 47 different events in CQC, but i’m also using perfmon to log performance to make sure there’s no issues.


And now, the COOL stuff: Automated movie trailer download. Even the wife thinks this is cool. It’s only got 10 of the 92 downloaded so far, given each is 50-200MB, and there’s 92, it may take a while.  But, it can sort in download order (haven’t tried that yet), so I can see the most recently downloaded ones first.

I’m still playing with the fonts to see what looks best.



3: Mistakes costing me $$
But alas, it wasn’t all love&roses. I proved twice that I’m a DIY’er, meaning I don’t do this for a living constantly.  I went to mount a speaker in the Master Bath, haven’t done that in MONTHS so I forgot to check for a joist. Well, I cut out the hole, promptly beat myself, then put the sheetrock circle back up & mudded it.

But that’s not all. When I cut the correct hole and went to mount the speaker, the screwdriver slipped and I poked a hole in the speaker. Fortunately I had another one for the Den, so I used that. I’ll see if this one works, since the wiring/etc is the hard part. It’s easy to replace a speaker once all that is done.

Even if I “threw away” $150 on that speaker (stereo input, so it’s $$) and have to call in a sheetrock guy to fix my hole mistake, I figure I’m still getting functionality that I could not have possibly afforded to pay for.

4: 1 zone per room
Retrofitting is hard stuff. In 3 different rooms now I’ve noticed that I cannot mount an in-wall volume controller easily as there’s fireblock studs in the way. Rather than tear up my walls, i’m just homerunning the speaker cable back to the media closet and will use the EXP9 with the ZPR68 to control the volume. Thank god I got both of those, otherwise i’d have holes galore from having to drill through those and dealing with the damn code issues that’d generate.

Phew, what a lot of progress!!


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