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Automated Data Logging of temperature & callerID info!

Posted by IVB on February 1, 2007

This is cool – I just setup automated data logging of my Elk temperature sensors and my callerid history into an ODBC database using the DatalogDB driver that jscheller wrote for CQC. I used SQLServerExpress (free version) as I was having issues getting the ODBC driver for MySQL to work.

I’m logging each of these fields every 30 seconds, but there’s a flag on the driver schedule table to indicate whether you want to always write it or only write if there’s a change.

For stuff like the temperature, you’d want to always record it so you could create a graph to see how it moves over time. I’ll record the temperature in various areas of the house, compared to the temperature my aprilaire is set at, and plot them on the same graph so I can see how efficient the air flow is.

In a (to me) much more clear value add, i’ll have the name, number, & time of every phone call into my house recorded into a database but *only* if it’s changed from the prior poll (ie, don’t record every dang 30 seconds, only if there’s a new record). This is something that bit me 3 weeks ago as my college buddy called, I accidentally deleted the message. I had the wrong email and # for him, and no one I knew had his # as he had just moved and was unlisted.  No joke, I sent him a physical letter telling him to call me again, as I knew that would get to him (eventually).

No coding needed for this. I told the driver what fields to log by simply adding some rows to a table as such:


That results in a table with the following values:



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