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I’m baaack, plus switching to the Concerto.

Posted by IVB on March 8, 2007

Forgive me forum, for I have sinned. It has been over a month since my last entry.  I was getting a little fried on HA after 16 months, so i needed some time off. One exciting thing happened tonight, thought I’d share:

The power of all free drivers has struck again.  I scored a Concerto with 2 keypads and a host of accessories off eBay for $530 shipped!  I’ve already got a buyer for the ZPR68 who doesn’t mind the source bleeding problem i’m having, I’ll be selling off the EXP9 with 5 zone cards, and probably all 3 parasound zamps within the next 7 days.  The concerto is a pretty nice unit for that price point – the EXP9 w/5 cards cost me $450, and the zamps were $125 each.  Granted I’ll only be able to do 8 zones, but I might get the extender if I can find someone still selling it. If I can get my cost back on that stuff, I’ll be happy.  I was pretty tempted to get the grand concerto, but it was obviously much much more than $500 and I just couldn’t justify that.

Well, off to create screens that reference the concerto, and to find boxes for all the spare stuff I now own and need to sell!


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