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CQC is on sale from 4/1->4/14

Posted by IVB on March 19, 2007

As per http://www.charmedquark.com/vb_forum/showthread.php?p=53444#post53444

CQC is 30% off from 4/1->4/14 for the full license. That’s $625. Yes, that is a ton of $$, but keep in mind that it’s a fullblown HA engine and an infinite server/client/PDA license. Given that, are there folks here who’d want another webinar and cannot make the 3/23 6:30pm PST “Intro” session or 3/31 8:30am PST “Monthly User Group” webex? I could see if I have weekend of 4/7 available for a final runthrough before the sale ends.

For those of you who don’t know what’s possible with it, it’s a lot. There’s a guy who’s written a SageTV driver for CQC. It’s currently limited to determining what’s currently playing on any of your SageTV instances and controlling it, but he’s currently looking into enhancing it substantially.

For example, I would like the ability to create the following screen with the SageTV mockups (the TV bit is not currently possible, this is just a mockup).  If you look at it, you’ll see the following controls that aren’t possible with just the SageStudio :
– Security System Status. Top right says “Disarmed”, which is what i’ve currently got the system set to. It’s a button, so pressing it brings up the security detail screen, where I can arm/disarm the system.
– Yard Temperature:  The actual temperature outside our house, according to a thermostat I have plugged into our automation/security panel
– Receiver & Whole-house Audio receiver status: Top left says “F/R on”.  That is actually a compound status – both my denon 3805 and my nuvo concerto whole-house-audio receiver (zone8 unpowered line-out) have to be on in order for that to be green. Pressing the XM or CD or … buttons will set the source inputs correctly.
– XM online integration: Show what’s on XM according to XMRO
– XM hardware integration: Tune the Polk XRt12 XM tuner according to whatever you choose

Finally, I wrote this mockup b/c I was looking to communicate what I would love to see on that same screen – what’s been recorded in SageTV.

Anyhow, there’s tons more possible with it, it’s a fullblown HA engine with event managers, etc. Best analogy is it’s the Photoshop of HA engines. Expensive, sure, but it’s definitely the most full featured package out there. See the site in my sig if you want more details.



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