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5 year old girls must have HA that’s pink

Posted by IVB on March 31, 2007

My kids would eat dirt if it was painted pink. My daughter was using her new PC, directly behind me, when she said completely without prompting: “Daddy, when are you going to let me play CDs by myself”?  No joke. I hadn’t mentioned it to her before, total freak coincidence. (although I did say to myself – “atta girl”).  I happened to be working on a filtered CD screen for her, so I said “how about in an hour”.  She saw the vladstudio.com art, and said that it was nice. I asked her if she liked it, and she wanted to see the others. Well, vladStudio.com has 45ish pieces in his “The Two” collection, which is typically what I stick with.  Of course, look at the one she picked out for the CD screen.  On the upside, after I finished it, she looked at the whole screen, and it made sense to her. (“atta girl”)

The way it works is that:
1) Pressing a zone button will turn on that zone and automatically set the input to CD.  (That way XM can’t be played by her)
2) The Louder/Quieter buttons have if-then logic behind it, and any of those 3 zones currently on will be adjusted by one decibel.
3) Pressing the “Games” button takes you back to the prior screen.



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